The Cadillac of Colognes: GM’s Luxury Brand Gets It’s Own Fragrance

Having recently emerged from bankruptcy protection, General Motors is hoping those who though the Old GM stunk will prefer the odor of New GM.

To help (or perhaps hinder) this rebranding process the company’s luxury brand, Cadillac, is getting its own fragrance, the smell of which includes hints of grapefruit, camomile, geranium, tarragon and cinnamon rather than high-octane gasoline or premium leather.

General Motors licensed the product to Dubai-based Beauty Contact Inc., which plans to release the fragrance, (as well as a full line of products, including aftershave lotion, deodorant, and body wash) this Fall to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

“Cadillac, the new fragrance for men is part of the recent Cadillac renaissance: Hot new products and redesigns that capture the mantra of life, liberty and the pursuit,” said Alwyn Stephen at Beauty Contact. “Our fragrance is a relevant extension of the Cadillac lifestyle.”

[Report: Toronto Star]

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