Breaking: Future General Motors Product Plans Tweeted


If you’re a car junkie, Twitter is the place to be today. Ahead of a webcast tomorrow morning by GM CEO Fritz Henderson, the General arranged for a select few media to meet with its PR folks and get a preview of what the New GM has to offer.

Many of those folks have been tweeting on Twitter and so we have a good idea of what’s going on. In a press release from earlier today, GM said that Fritz will unveil a new model during the webcast. The only problem is, the tweets cover so many new models that we don’t know which one it will be.

Some of the biggest stories of the day include a new Cadillac model named the ATS, which is aimed at taking on the BMW 3 Series (yes pulease)! And it would be offered as both a coupe and sedan. Other Cadillac news includes a story we ran earlier today about the new CTS Coupe and CTS-V Coupe coming in May. Tweets also covered a story we ran several weeks back about the DTS replacement being called the XTS and using the LaCrosse platform – meaning AWD will be optional.

As for the Buick brand, there will reportedly be a new model added to that lineup – a mid-sized sedan due out in the next 24 months. This will no doubt the the Chinese market Regal, a story we reported on several weeks back as well.

In Chevy news, those lucky enough to be at the General’s party today got to glimpse the 2012 Malibu, well ahead of its unveiling. Additionally Bob Lutz still isn’t done getting peoples’ hopes up, saying that the Pontiac G8 might still have a life at GM.

[Source: Twitter via Autoblog]


Tom Donohue says:

Lutz keeps teasing about the G8. He has to do something.

It looks like the Board of Directors got G.M.’s butts off their seats and are pushing to get some excitement at G.M.

Jermaine R. Raffety says:

Good Morning,

Amongst the exciting new cars planned for the next 3 to 4 years,is there any chance for a Redisigned GMT-355 for 2012/2013 Model Year to compete with the rivals of the 2011 Ford Ranger, 2011/2012 Toyota Tacoma and possible 2011/2012 Nissan Frontier? Though both Colorado & Canyon may not last beyond that timeline, the lone survivor of the 2 should be the Chevy virant.

Abe says:

Plain and simple – Pontiac DOES NOT make a single car thats filled with excitment. And the only car – THE ONLY CAR \Pontiac G8\ that Pontiac has, GM is taking that away while leaving the other ones around. I’m not an economist or dont have a marketing degree but i think it’s common sense that numbers start looking better when you give people what they want. I STRONGLY BELIEVE i speak for THOUSANDS when i say \KEEP G8 ALIVE\

imat says:

cadillac can not make cars as past. they have to take lessons from germany, japan, france, italy and korea. is it right or no. i want someone from cadillac and GM answer me about the future cars. pls. thanks

Alfred Rogers says:

Stop teasing us with an occasional picture or two of the proposed all new XTS. If it is truly on the boards for production 2011-2013 let us have a peak now. As a loyal Cadillac customer who is now driving an 07 DTS I truly want a new Cadillac automobile and hope to wait until the XTS is in the showroom. Can’t wait forever!

Robert Wirt says:

All cadillac has to do, is make the Cadillac sixteen. prettiest car in the world. cadillac you dont have to be a genius to figure this out. Come on! End of story! Done!

Etienne Mannie Rapier Davis says:

Cadillac stil needs a large sedan with the north star. They do need it in an all wheel drive, and change the interior like the bentley or the benz. Give us more wood grain and roomy back seat. Church leaders and Presidents still need too drive in style. And bring back the hood ornament, the symbol of excellence.

Etienne Mannie Rapier Davis says:

The Cadillac Deville has a great ride. Give the public that same great ride in an all wheel drve, and ad more body chrome.