Breaking: GM Kills Buick Plug-In Hybrid Crossover Just Weeks After New Model Announced

In a shocking turn of events, General Motors has decided to cancel its plans to build a Buick PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) crossover just weeks after announcing plans to build the new model.

According to Buick communications boss Michelle Bunker the idea was not well received by, well, anyone and so GM has decided to scrap the program. This is somewhat surprising as Buick is so eager to compete on the luxury level and every other luxury brand has an entry level crossover.

The Buick PHEV was originally scheduled to be a Saturn Vue PHEV, but with the sale of Saturn to Penske, GM has to search out one of its four remaining brands under which to sell this plug-in hybrid crossover. Buick was chosen, but now it appears as though either Chevy or Cadillac will get the hybrid. GM has confirmed that production of the new model is still slated for 2011.

[Source: Autoblog]

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