Leaked: Japanese Lexus Dealer Brochure Reveals Redesign for 2010 LS Models

According to a Japanese dealer brochure that has been obtained by the folks at LexusEnthusiast, Toyota’s luxury arm appears to be making a few subtle revisions to its lineup of LS models for 2010.

For starters, we have what appear to be some of the first official images of the LS-Sport or “Version SZ”, a more sporting trim level that will be offered on the LS. Nothing is expected in regards to real performance, but a new aero kit include new front and rear bumpers as well as new side skirts is included, as are a set or larger wheels. Inside the LS Version SZ will also get paddle shifters.

As for the LS lineup in general, it will also get new bodywork, as well as as new front and rear lights.

As for the top-level LS600hL, it will get new body work as well as a new grille, styled similarly to the one found on the new HS250h. The dealer pamphlet also reveals a new Night Vision system.

GALLERY: 2010 Lexus Dealer Brochure


[Source: LexusEnthusiast]

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