Report: Acura Considering TSX Wagon for North America

Acura is considering introducing a wagon version of its TSX luxury sedan in North America. John Watts, product planning boss at Acura told Car & Driver that they are “closely, closely looking at it.”

Watts believes that younger buyers, Generation Y in particular, are interested in wagons and don’t regard them with the same sort of disdain that older generations do.

The market certainly seems open to wagons and Cadillac is just about to launch its CTS Sport Wagon and Mercedes just confirmed the E-Class wagon will make its way to North America. Audi has also offered a wagon (Avant) version of the A4 for years and while BMW hasn’t had much success with the 3 Series wagon, it is poised to launch a car with a similar concept, the 3 Series GranTurismo.

Making the possibility of a TSX wagon even more likely is the fact that the car already exits… in Europe. The current TSX is actually just a rebadged (and leather-coated) Euro-spec Honda Accord. Honda sells an Accord Touring in Europe and all Acura would have to do would be rebadge it and get government approval to sell it in North America.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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