Report: Honda Teases 2010 Accord Crosstour… Again

Honda has released two teaser images of the upcoming Accord Crosstour, which will debut on September 1st. The two images, showing a headlight and the front grille, give two very different ideas of what this Accord-based crossover will look like.

The grille, while still very much an Accord design, seems slightly larger and more truck like. As for the headlight, it looks more like the Accord Coupe, or even like the first generation Acura TSX. The two pictures do seem to make sense for a Honda crossover, with a functional SUV-like grille and an overall sporty look. This new platform, after all, will be competing with stylish vehicle like the Toyota Venza and Ford Edge.

Several spy photos of the 2010 Accord Crosstour wound up on the internet a few months back, but they did not show what the front or rear end of the new vehicle will look like.

The only details that have leaked out about the crossover so far are that it is reportedly 2.5-inches taller than the Accord Sedan, while measuring 7-inches longer than its main rival, the Toyota Venza.

GALLERY: 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Teasers


GALLERY: 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour Spy Photos


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