Report: Mercedes Considering Formula 1 Withdrawal

With both Honda and BMW already announcing that they will not return to Formula 1 next year, now Mercedes’s involvement in the series has come into doubt. Helmut Lense, a member of the board for Mercedes’s parent company Daimler recently told a German newspaper that the company’s involvement in the world’s top level of motorsports is open for debate. “This discussion will surely continue to heat up in light of BMW’s withdrawal,” he told the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

Lense has made no secret of where he sits on the issue and was quoted earlier this year, stating that Mercedes might get better use out of its money by dedicating its resources to other projects. He did not, however, specify what those projects might be.

After BMW made its decision to pull from the series after the 2009 season, Mercedes reiterated its commitment to F1. A spokesman for the company said that BMW’s decision, “does not have any influence on our Formula One engagement.”

Currently Mercedes supplies engines to the McLaren racing team as well as the Force India and Brawn GP teams.


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