Report: New Porsche Boss Expects to Double Sales in Four Years

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Porsche’s new CEO, Dr. Martin Winterkorn, has declared that he expects Porsche to double its annual sales in the next four years.

Winterkorn, who also chairs Germany’s largest automaker Volkswagen, has bold ambitions to expand Porsche’s market share by increasing sales units to 150,000 annually.

While the Cayenne SUV helped Porsche to almost double in size, similar results are expected of the new Panamera sedan. Porsche has so far listed expected sales units for that model to be reasonably low, but that will change once it introduces more affordable V6 powered models.

Reaching that goal, however, will in all likelihood be impossible without additional platforms, leading to increased speculation that Porsche will introduce a model below the Boxster – likely based on the VW Blue Sport concept. Additional sales volume, however, could more easily be made up through the introduction of a more entry-level crossover, which would slot in under the Cayenne. The possibility here, of course, is that this new baby Cayenne would be based on the same architecture as the newly released Audi Q5.

No doubt Porsche purists will not like this news, much in the same way that they threw up their arms in disgust over the Cayenne – a vehicle was necessary to save Porsche from bankruptcy.

[Source: LeftLaneNews]

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