Video: On Board the Radical SR8LM’s Record-Setting Nürburgring Lap


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Late last week we reported that the Radical SR8LM had once again demolished the Nürburgring lap record, running the ring in an amazing 6:48. For the record, that’s almost 40 seconds faster than the Nissan GT-R.

Thankfully the blokes at Radical videotaped the whole thing so now we can ride along on this record-setting drive.

“We’ve proved that the SR8LM is not only the world’s best trackday car, but it’s also practical enough to drive to and from the circuit,” said Radical Sportscar’s co-founder Mich Hyde, who said the same set of Dunlop tires was used to drive from the company’s facility in the U.K. to the Nürburgring in Germany and for the test. “It is a genuine production sports car, with genuine performance credentials, as we’ve shown today.”

The Radical SR8LM is powered by a 460hp 2.8-liter V8 engine, fitted into a light-weight chassis with full carbon fiber bodywork.