Frankfurt 2009: BMW X6 ActiveHybrid Debuts With 480hp

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Alongside several other “Efficient Dynamics” models that were officially unveiled at today’s Frankfurt Auto Show was the X6 ActiveHybrid with no less that 480hp. Using a 400hp twin-turbocharged V8 engine from the X6 and combining it with two electric motors the X6 hybrid achieves a massive 480hp and 575 ft-lbs of torque, enabling it to hit 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds.

As a two-mode hybrid system, the X6 ActiveHybrid will be able to travel on pure electric power up to a speed of 37 mph. Unfortunately it can’t drive on electric power long, just 1.6 miles at speeds up to 37mph, before the gasoline engine kicks in.

Interestingly the X6 ActiveHybrid makes use of a 7-speed automatic transmission that can be shifted by the driver. BMW says the tranny is “based on” a CVT transmission and works in two separate modes. There is one mode for around town where one electric motor operates and when the speed is increase or more power is called for the second electric motor kicks in an engages the gasoline engine. That second electric motor then powers the vehicle’s electric systems (power steering, radio, etc.).

BMW says the X6 ActiveHybrid will provide a 20 percent fuel consumption improvement over a similarly powerful non-hybrid engine. The sporty SUV is rated at an average of 9.9 l/100km – or 23.8 mpg. That isn’t likely to please Green Peace, but it is an impressive number for such an incredibly powerful AWD vehicle.

The X6 ActiveHybrid will go on sale in the U.S. later this year.

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Fascinating Efficiency:
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

BMW ActiveHybrid technology combines superior driving dynamics with
equally superior effi ciency pointing far into the future, brining together both
of these qualities to offer a truly unique driving experience.
The world’s fi rst Sports Activity Coupé with full hybrid drive therefore capitalises
on the options offered by combining the combustion engine and the electric
motor with a standard of perfection never seen before. BMW ActiveHybrid technology
offers a signifi cant increase in driving dynamics and at the same time
reduces fuel consumption by approximately 20 per cent versus a comparable
vehicle powered by a combustion engine alone. The result is even greater Sheer
Driving Pleasure combined with enhanced fuel economy and CO2 management
providing the kind of progress to make the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 a typical
BMW in the hybrid market.
The overall drive system featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 consists of
a 300 kW/407 hpV8 gasoline engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology
and two electric synchronous motors delivering 67 kW/91 hp and, respectively,
63 kW/86 hp. Maximum system output is 357 kW/485 hp, peak torque is
780 Newton-metres/575 lb-ft.
Precisely controlled interaction of the three power units optimises the overall
effi ciency of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 at all speeds, with acceleration from a
standstill to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds. Top speed of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is
limited electronically to 236 km/h or 146 mph (250 km/h or 155 mph with the
optional Sports Package, with average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle
of 9.9 litres/100 km (equal to 28.5 mpg imp) and a CO2 emission rating of
231 grams per kilometre.
BMW’s fi rst full hybrid model is able to run exclusively on electric power – and
that is entirely free of CO2 – up to a speed of 60 km/h or 37 mph, with the combustion
engine being activated automatically whenever required.
Ideal variation of the two drive modes for enhanced effi ciency and dynamism is
ensured by The two-mode active transmission provides the ideal combination
of the two power modes for enhanced effi ciency and dynamic performance
at all times. With the two electric motors, three planetary gearsets and
four multiple-plate clutches, drive power is transmitted through a seven-gear

automatic transmission operated by the driver of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 via
an electronic gear selector lever and, respectively, shift paddles on the steering
BMW’s intelligent xDrive all-wheel-drive system spreads out engine
power variably between the front and rear wheels.
The electric motors receive their energy from an NiMH high-performance
battery positioned beneath the fl oor of the luggage compartment and feeding
electric power also to the car’s on-board network. Luggage compartment
capacity is therefore the same as on the “regular” BMW X6 with its combustion
engine. When applying the brakes or taking back the gas pedal kinetic energy is
converted into electrical energy and is stored in the high-performance battery. To
provide this function either one or both of the electric motors acts as a generator,
feeding electric power generated without the slightest increase in fuel consumption
directly into the high-voltage battery. Subsequent use of this energy
to provide extra drive power signifi cantly reduces the consumption of fuel.
BMW ActiveHybrid technology raises the development of drive systems
enhancing both effi ciency and dynamism in one to a new, unprecedented
standard, clearly confi rming BMW’s superior competence in development in this
area. Now the introduction of this innovative technology in such an exceptional
vehicle concept adds a particularly fascinating motoring experience through the
effi ciency achieved in this way. Through its size, character and driving dynamics,
the world’s one and only Sports Activity Coupé is particularly well-suited to
combine the progressiveness and the potential of BMW ActiveHybrid technology
to a standard never seen before.
Unique effi ciency ensured by two-mode active transmission.
BMW ActiveHybrid technology has been developed specifi cally for use in
a particularly dynamic vehicle in this segment and for a broad range of practical
use going far beyond city traffi c as such. The big advantage, therefore, is the
overall optimisation of drivetrain effi ciency in all speed ranges and under all
The two-mode active transmission is based on an ECVT (electric continuously
variable transmission) operating in two separate modes. One mode is for setting
off with particular power and for driving at low speeds, the second is for motoring
at high speeds.

When setting off only one of the two electric motors is activated. Then, as soon
as the driver requires more power, the second electric motor automatically
activates the combustion engine and subsequently serves as a generator
providing a permanent supply of electric power.
When driving steadily at a higher speed most of the power required is delivered
by the combustion engine in a largely mechanical process. Here again, one of
the two electric motors acts as a generator.
Together with the mechanical components, the electric motors form a joint
transmission unit providing the optimum transmission ratio at all times as
a function of driving conditions. The mechanical link within the two-mode
active transmission is provided by three planetary gearsets in a confi guration
dividing the drive power generated by the combustion engine and the two
electric motors into two transmission modes and therefore ensuring a degree of
variability in combining the two power sources conventional hybrid drive would
not be able to provide.
The two operating modes of the electric motors are supplemented and
enhanced by fi xed transmission ratios providing a total of seven gears for full
use of the highly effi cient hybrid function throughout the vehicle’s complete
range of operation and at the same time maintaining the driving performance so
typical of BMW.
Conventional but unique all in one: V8 gasoline engine with
BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and High Precision Injection.
The combustion engine is a technically unique eight-cylinder featured for the
fi rst time in the BMW X6 xDrive50i. The world’s fi rst V8 gasoline engine with
two turbochargers in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders excels
in particular through its smooth development of power setting in from the start
and continuing in an ongoing surge throughout the entire speed range. The
exceptionally spontaneous and direct response of this V8 with BMW TwinPower
Turbo Technology results directly from the compact confi guration of the engine
allowing short manifolds as well as large cross-sections on the intake and
exhaust side.
Displacing 4.4 litres, this outstanding eight-cylinder delivers maximum output
of 300 kW/407 hp consistently maintained between 5,500 and 6,400 rpm.
Superior torque of 600 Newton-metres/442 lb-ft is maintained all the way from
1,750 to 4 ,500 rpm, with High Precision Injection ensuring precise supply of
fuel at all times.

Piezo-injectors positioned in the middle between the valves ensure a smooth,
effi cient and clean combustion process, the V8 naturally fulfi lling both the European
EU5 standard as well as the ULEV II limits in the USA.
Compared with the power unit featured in the BMW X6 xDrive50i, this new
engine has been modifi ed in numerous respects to the specifi c requirements of
the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. The fi rst point is that there is no starter, no alternator
and belt drive for the climate compressor and hydraulic pump on the power
steering. The main and low-temperature circuits in the cooling system have
been modifi ed for all-electric operation, the low-temperature circuit already
serving to cool the charge air in the combustion engine being used additionally
to cool the power electronics.
A specifi cally designed hybrid engine cover, fi nally, marks a clear difference
versus the power unit in the BMW X6 xDrive50i.
Electric motors for enhanced performance on no extra fuel.
When accelerating the eight-cylinder power unit of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6,
joining forces with the electric motors, ensures optimum effi ciency and dynamic
performance. As soon as the driver requires more power the two electric motors
fed by the high-voltage energy battery supply additional torque for enhanced
performance. This boost effect signifi cantly increases the overall output of the
BMW ActiveHybrid X6, without any increase in fuel consumption.
While the two electric motors have almost the same output, they have been
modifi ed in their performance characteristics to meet individual requirements.
The power delivered is 67 kW/91 hp and. respectively, 63 kW/86 hp, with peak
torque of 260 Newton-metres/192 lb-ft and 280 Newton-metres/206 lb-ft.
The electric motors support the combustion engine effectively throughout the
entire speed range, the additional electrically generated drive power serving
to reduce the power output required on the combustion engine when driving
steadily at a higher speed. This shift in load is perfectly controlled at all times
to give the overall system enhanced effi ciency and its maximum effect under
practical driving conditions.
The electronic control unit is also able to provide a consistent, ongoing surge
of power, maximum power being generated when shifting gears through the
so-called response boost effect. When kicking down the accelerator for maximum
acceleration, the control unit generates stationary boost right from the start in the
initial downshift phase, interaction of response boost and stationary boost ensuring
a very spontaneous and direct response to every movement of the gas pedal.

Maximum system output is 357 kW/485 hp, with peak torque of 780 Newtonmetres/
575 lb-ft. This makes the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 the most powerful
hybrid vehicle in the world, with acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h in
just 5.6 seconds and top speed is limited electronically to 236 km/h or 146 mph
(or, respectively, 250 km/h or 155 mph with the optional Sports Package).
The unique positon of BMW ActiveHybrid X6 within the BMW X segment as
a whole follows very clearly and convincingly from the comparison of these
performance fi gures, on the one hand, with the vehicle’s fuel consumption
and emission ratings, on the other. The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 combines its
supreme dynamism with equally fascinating effi ciency, with fuel average fuel
consumption in the EU test cycle of just 9.9 ltr/100 km (equal to 28.5 mpg imp)
and a CO2 rating of 231 grams per kilometre.
All-electrical driving mode reducing emissions to zero.
With its combination of two-mode active transmission and high-performance
battery, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is able to run on its electric motors alone.
This makes it a zero emission vehicle under such conditions, fulfi lling even the
strictest requirements foreseen for the future and ensuring the highest conceivable
level of mobility.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 may run on electric power alone regardless of the
ambient temperature, minimum operating temperatures being required only
for the engine coolant, transmission fl uid and high-voltage battery. A further
requirement is that the high-performance battery is adequately charged.
Top speed in the electric mode is 60 km/h or 37 mph, maximum range is
2.5 kilometres (1.6 miles).
While driving electrically, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 retains all its safety and
comfort functions. The brakes remain fully operative thanks to electronic
vacuum supply, not requiring the combustion engine to develop their full effect.
The same applies to the EPS Electronic Power Steering, with steering assistance
being generated as required and with maximum effi ciency by an electric
Even the air conditioning remains fully available without any restrictions, running
effi ciently on an electrical climate compressor. And since the high-performance
battery supplies electric power to the complete 12-volt on-board network
through a voltage converter regardless of the driving mode, all other powerconsuming
items such as the lights and the on-board entertainment system
remain fully functional at their usual, consistent level.

Recuperation: electric power generated without additional fuel
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 features an enhanced version of Brake Energy
Regeneration already used in BMW’s current models running on a combustion
engine alone, generating the electric power saved in the high-performance
battery. In this case the electric motors act as generators in overrun and when
applying the brakes in order to feed electric power into the high-voltage battery
unit, again in the interest of maximum effi ciency.
This uses energy otherwise simply lost in conventional vehicles as heat escaping
through the brakes – and depending on road speed, one or both
of the electric motors may perform this function.
The power delivered by the generator is approximately 50 kW, about 25 times
as much as the power provided so far by Brake Energy Regeneration.
Generator delivering electrical brake power.
In the generator mode the two electric motors supply a lot of the energy
required to slow down the vehicle whenever necessary. Indeed, the stopping
power generated in this way is up to 3 metres/sec2 or, respectively, 0.3 g in
a purely recuperative process, signifi cantly reducing the load acting on the
mechanical brake system.
Sensotronic Brake Actuation (SBA) in the BMW Active Hybrid X6 may be used
at any time without a direct mechanical connection between the brake pedal
and the hydraulic circuit. Pedal movement is recorded by sensors and split up
by a control unit into brake power generated in a regenerating and in a hydraulic
process. At the same time an integrated pedal force simulator generates the
usual brake feeling for the driver as an additional factor in this brake-by-wire
The active brake servo builds up brake pressure with electrical control according
to the signals emitted by the control unit. To ensure brake power assistance
also in the all-electric mode, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes furthermore
with an electrical under-pressure pump replacing the vacuum pressure in the
intake system of the combustion engine on a conventional vehicle. A mechanical
fallback function, in turn, guarantees full operation of the brake system
in the event of a failure or defi ciency in the electrical system, in which case
the stopping power required is generated by the hydraulic system alone, like on
a conventional vehicle.

The primary task of the SBA system is to split up the brake power required by
the driver into a regenerating and a hydraulic brake factor. Via the xDrive powertrain,
the hybrid system in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is able to transmit brake
forces to all four wheels generated by the stopping power of the recuperative
electric motors. And whenever the stopping power required exceeds the level
of 3 metres/sec2, the control unit builds up additional brake force through the
mechanical brake by means of the active brake servo.
In braking situations critical to driving stability the control unit receives additional
signals from the DSC Dynamic Stability Control, intervening in the brakes
and engine management to keep the vehicle safely on course. This ensures
safe braking manoeuvres under all conditions, with all driving stability systems
developing their complete effect when required regardless of whether the
stopping power needed is generated electrically or hydraulically.
A further point is that all driving stability systems are tailored in their
operation to the dynamic character of the Sports Activity Coupé also on the
BMW ActiveHybrid X6. DTC Dynamic Traction Control selected at the touch
of a button, for example, provides maximum traction and drive power on loose
surfaces such as snow or sand thanks to its higher slip thresholds. And with
the DTC mode activated, the driver may opt for a particularly sporting style of
motoring all the way to a controlled power slide in bends.
BMW xDrive: intelligent all-wheel drive for extra performance,
optimum driving stability and supreme traction.
The sports-oriented driving behaviour of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is also
attributable to xDrive all-wheel-drive technology. Permanent all-wheel drive with
electronically controlled, variable distribution of drive power front-to-rear gives
the BMW ActiveHybrid X6, like all BMW X models, not only superior traction,
but also enhanced driving dynamics.
BMW xDrive qualifi es as an intelligent all-wheel-drive system in particular
through the smooth division of drive power ensured by a power divider with an
electronically controlled multiple-plate clutch feeding the appropriate level of
power to the right axle with optimum wheel contact and grip on the road.
Under normal conditions BMW xDrive spreads out drive power to the front
and rear axle in a 40:60 split, sensors consistently measuring wheel slip both
front and rear. The system is able to vary the balance of drive power within
fractions of a second, BMW xDrive, unlike conventional all-wheel-drive systems,
thus looking ahead and not only responding when a wheel is already spinning.

Benefi ting from these abilities, BMW xDrive raises the driving dynamics of the
BMW ActiveHybrid X6 to an even higher level by recognising even the slightest
tendency to over- or understeer right from the start and taking appropriate
EPS Electronic Power Steering for even greater driving comfort.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 is the fi rst BMW X model to feature EPS Electronic
Power Steering. This allows active steering assistance both when driving with
the combustion engine and in the all-electric mode.
EPS provides optimum steering assistance under all conditions to give the
driver that special feeling so typical of the BMW brand. Another advantage is
the further reduction of fuel consumption, EPS signifi cantly reducing the energy
required for steering assistance compared with conventional, hydraulic power
steering, since Electronic Power Steering only becomes active when steering
assistance is actually required or desired by the driver. So when driving straight
ahead in a straight line, for example, the electric motor does not consume any
energy whatsoever.
Electronic Power Steering on the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes complete with
fully integrated speed-related Servotronic steering assistance, the reduction of
assistance at high speeds ensuring not only safe directional stability but also
extremely precise steering behaviour in bends as well as the safe feeling at high
speeds again so characteristic of a BMW. At low speeds, on the other hand, for
example when parking, extra power assistance signifi cantly reduces the steering
forces required.
Liquid cooling for even greater performance on the
high-performance battery.
The high-voltage battery featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes in nickelmetal
hydrid technology (NiMH). Capacity is 2.4 kWh, with 1.4 kWh available
actively for practical use. Maximum output, in turn, is 57 kW, with the battery’s
control unit permanently determining the output level currently available as well
as the charge status of the battery.
The high-performance battery comes with its own liquid cooling system
incorporating a heat exchanger to cool the battery through the fl ow of air from
the outside and, additionally, through the cooling circuit in the air conditioning.
These two circuits are activated either individually or in combination with one
another, depending on current requirements, the control unit selecting the most
effective and effi cient cooling option as a function of ambient temperature and
the temperature of the high-voltage storage unit.

Cooling by the air conditioning is activated by an appropriate switch valve, with
the electrical climate compressor being switched on automatically whenever
required. The interior and the high-voltage battery being cooled separately of
one another, cooling is far more effi cient than with a system using air cooling
only, raising the energy storage medium to a far higher level of performance
and retaining the hybrid functions longer in extreme weather and whenever
the driver prefers a very sporting style of motoring. Ultimately, this gives
BMW ActiveHybrid X6 an outstanding potential in driving dynamics far superior
to other hybrid vehicles in the market.
Intelligent energy management and integral safety concept.
Power electronics developed especially for BMW ActiveHybrid technology
ensures energy management on board the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 both very
effi cient and fl exible in use. The electronic control system consistently controls
the distribution of energy as a function of ambient conditions, the status of the
vehicle, and the demands made by the driver. The most important incoming
and control factor for the operating strategy chosen is the charge status of
the high-performance battery saving the electrical energy generated through
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 naturally complies in full with the integral safety
concepts developed for hybrid vehicles by BMW. With central control functions
being integrated both in the power electronics and the energy battery, the
system has the ideal starting point for fulfi lling all kinds of international crash test
standards as well as the demanding internal standards of the BMW Group, in
particular guaranteeing the highest level of operating safety on all components
in the high-voltage on-board network.
Some of the features of this safety concept are the different colours of cables to
avoid any confusion, the presentation of clear safety warnings and the all-round
cover on the entire system using extra-large insulation panels and newly
developed connectors.
The high-voltage battery is housed in a high load-resistant steel casing and is
fi tted fi rmly inside the car, just above the rear axle at an extremely safe point for
the event of a collision. The status of the storage modules is constantly supervised
by integrated safety electronics, the driver being informed immediately of
any malfunction and, wherever necessary, the entire system being automatically
discharged and deactivated.

In the event of a collision, the system is switched off automatically within
fractions of a second, the car’s central safety electronics assessing the severity
of an accident and ensuring a safe operating mode as a function of current,
individual requirements.
Special hybrid drive Auto Start Stop function.
In city traffi c the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 can be run in the all-electric mode
without using the combustion engine. A further advantage is that the vehicle
comes with a new generation of Auto Start Stop technology featured here
for the fi rst time. Tailored specifi cally to the requirements of a hybrid car,
this new Auto Start Stop function allows a much higher standard of comfort and
is available more often than the conventional system. Automatic deactivation
of the combustion engine at a road junction or at the traffi c lights does not in
any way impair the driving experience, just as the V8 power unit will start again
immediately as soon as the driver presses down the gas pedal.
BMW ActiveHybrid X6 provides the Auto Start Stop function consistently at all
outside temperatures, no matter how cold or how hot.
As long as the engine is switched off, the electric climate compressor automatically
maintains the climate and temperature desired within the passenger
compartment. All other electrically operated functions are also maintained,
with the on-board network being consistently supplied with power from the
high-voltage storage unit. The only way to deactivate the special hybrid Auto
Start Stop function is by choosing the manual gearshift mode on the automatic
Additional displays informing the driver of the operating status and
effi ciency of the hybrid system.
Operation of the hybrid system and current operating conditions are presented
clearly and understandably in the displays. The most important information
is shown in the central instrument cluster, clearly separated according to the
various operating modes. Further information and technical explanations, in turn,
are shown in the Info Display in the centre console.
The drive displays are split up into a conventional rev counter for the combustion
engine and special displays for electric drive in the lower part of the
instrument cluster. Clear visual presentation of these functions shows the driver
that the vehicle is ready to go. The electric drive displays relevant to the driver
are the charge status of the high-voltage storage unit, the recuperation display,
the support provided by the electric motors when accelerating through their

boost function, as well as the driving stages in the all-electric mode. In the
Control Display this information is supplemented by additional data on current
operating conditions and the current fl ow of energy.
Specifi c set-up of the suspension and the lightweight brakes.
The chassis and suspension of the BMW Active Hybrid X6 is largely the same
as the technology already featured on the BMW X6 xDrive50i. The front axle is
a double track arm confi guration ensuring excellent driving dynamics, superior
motoring comfort and smooth directional stability. The Integral IV rear axle has
been modifi ed to refl ect the specifi c characteristics of the hybrid model in terms
of weight distribution and drive power, guaranteeing absolute supremacy on the
road also ensured by self-levelling with air suspension providing a consistent
ride height also when carrying a heavy load.
Lightweight brakes decelerate the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 by means of swingcalliper
brake discs incorporating covers and pistons made of aluminium. Brake
disc diameter is 385 millimetres or 15.2″ up front and 345 millimetres or 13.6″ at
the rear. The entire brake system ensures a high standard of comfort in applying
the brakes and extreme resistance to fading.
Consistent lightweight engineering serves to reduce unsprung masses and
improve the vehicle’s driving comfort and agility.
Very attractive 19-inch light-alloy rims in V-spoke design come as standard, and
20-inch light-alloy rims in aerodynamically optimised Streamline design have
been developed exclusively for the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 as an option. In each
case the tyres are runfl at tyres enabling the driver to continue to the workshop
even after a complete loss of pressure. And it almost goes without saying that
the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes as standard with a Tyre Defect Indicator
incorporating individual tyre pressure control.
Bodyshell and safety: intelligent lightweight construction,
optimised occupant safety.
Intelligent lightweight construction and a special structure for maximum solidity
also characterise the bodyshell of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. Apart from frontal
and hip thorax airbags, curtain head airbags at the side are also standard within
the interior.

The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes with three-point inertia-reel seat belts on all
seats featuring belt force limiters and belt latch tensioners on the front seats. To
protect the occupants from cervical spine injury in the event of a collision at the
rear, the front seats feature crash-activated headrests, the rear seats come as
standard with ISOFIX child seat fastenings.
All restraint systems are masterminded by central safety electronics, rollover
sensors serving to activate the curtain airbags and belt latch tensioners in the
event of an impending rollover.
Featured as standard, dual bi-xenon headlights not only ensure optimum
illumination of the road ahead in the dark, but also provide a daytime light function
through their corona rings. The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 furthermore comes
as standard with a light and rain sensor automatically controlling the vehicle’s
lights and screenwipers as required. Additional comfort at night is provided by
the High Beam Assistant featured as part of BMW ConnectedDrive.
Another feature available as an option is Adaptive Headlights following the road
ahead in providing exact the right illumination. This option comes complete
with Bending Lights and variable light distribution broadening the light beam to
provide a wider range of vision as a function of road speed. As an option, fi nally,
information relevant to the driver may be projected on to the windscreen via the
Head-Up Display in a particularly ergonomic position.
Over and above safety-relevant driver assistance systems, BMW ConnectedDrive
offers a range of further services enhancing driver comfort and allowing optimised
use of the infotainment systems in the BMW ActiveHybrid X6. This range of
mobility services comprises features such as BMW Assist with a telephone
enquiry service and an Enhanced Emergency Call function including automatic
detection of the vehicle’s location, BMW Online, BMW TeleServices as well as
unrestricted use of the internet in the vehicle.
Supreme level of standard equipment including the Professional
navigation system and comfort seats.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 comes as standard with the BMW Professional
navigation system masterminded via iDrive likewise featured as standard
or, respectively, with enhanced voice control. Using BMW Routes, in turn,
BMW ConnectedDrive customers are able to retrieve the most beautiful routes
directly in the car via BMW Online at the touch of a button. And apart from
navigation data, the user is also able to save his personal music collection on
a hard disc within the car offering a capacity of no less than 80 GB.
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Other features coming as standard are electrically adjustable comfort seats with
a memory function, cruise control and Park Distance Control. A further feature
likewise coming as standard is an electrical opening and closing function on the
Side View and Top View are available as optional extras.
Other options include an extended range of nappa leather upholstery in an
exclusive Ivory White/Black colour combination with blue double stitching,
a glass sliding/vent roof, and a towbar with a removable ball head.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6: Sports Activity Coupé of the highest standard,
BMW ActiveHybrid with maximum effi ciency.
The BMW ActiveHybrid X6 combines an innovative vehicle concept with
cutting-edge drivetrain technology to provide a truly unique driving experience.
The enhancement of both dynamic performance and all-round effi ciency gives
BMW’s Sports Activity Coupé, as unique as it already is, additional fascination
and appeal, BMW ActiveHybrid technology achieving a supreme level of
effi ciency in this outstanding model, confi rming BMW’s great competence in
the area of drivetrain development.
From outside the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 differs through only a few details
from the “regular” models with their conventional drivetrain technology. With
its elegant and dynamically fl owing roofl ine and features typical of a BMW X
model, the Sports Activity Coupé offers a uniquely sporting rendition of this very
special vehicle with its unprecedented character also in the full hybrid variant.
The space available and driving comfort likewise refl ect the supreme standard
this dynamic four-seater already offers in the versions already available. And
apart from the special hybrid displays in the instrument cluster, door entry trim
covers proudly bearing the designation “BMW ActiveHybrid” on the driver’s and
front passenger’s doors add a particular highlight and sign of distinction.
Particularly the very impressive Powerdome on the engine compartment
lid ensures a clear distinction of this very special vehicle from outside,
“ ActiveHybrid” model designations on the tailgate trim bar and the front doors
as well as body paint in exclusive Bluewater metallic offered for the fi rst time
on a BMW X6 likewise alluding to the very special character of this very special

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