Frankfurt 2009: Live Photos of Mansory’s Barbie-Pink Bentley

Move over Corvette, Barbie has a new ride.

German luxury tuner Mansory unveiled its latest and, quite possibly, most ludicrous vehicle to date at the Frankfurt Auto Show today. Called Vitesse Rosé, this completely reworked Bentley Continental GT Speed is most notable for it’s Barbie-pink paint. Or should we say matte-Barbie-pink.

While the pink paint is the most obvious, this Bentley Continental GT Speed also gets a complete Mansory aero kit including a new front bumper with wider openings, side skirts and a new rear bumper with a diffuser. There is also an exposed carbon fiber hood to drop a few pounds on the hefty Bentley, with a carbon rear lip out back that shows just a hint of carbon weave emerging from the paint.

Additional exterior details include the set of 21-inch wheels, but the real surprise is inside, where a pink and purple diamond stitched leather and Alcantara cockpit assaults the eyes.

If you’re life just wouldn’t be complete without owning this car then you’re in luck. The current model is spoken for but Mansory will build another one for 269,000 euros ($383,000) – plus the cost of a Bentley.

GALLERY: Mansory Vitesse Rosé


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