Frankfurt 2009: Mansory Unveils Carbon Widebody Aston Martin DBS


Germany exotic car tuner Mansory continues to one-up itself with custom creations, the latest of which is an exposed carbon-body Aston Martin DBS. Looking like something you might find on a race track with black wheels, wider fenders, a massive rear diffuser and an additional spoiler, this custom DBS also sports a very special front end.

This DBS, called Cyrus by Mansory, sorts a carbon version of the same grille that apears on Aston’s upcoming One-77 supercar.

Mansory hasn’t released any info on if the Cyrus has any engine modifications, but then under-the-hood work has never been their specialty. Besides, with a 510hp V12 engine, there’s already plenty of power on tap.

GALLERY: Mansory Cyrus



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