Report: BMW “Augmented Reality” Glasses Show Mechanics How to Fix A Car


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Along with building some of the best vehicles on the planet, the technology wizzes at BMW have been busy in other fields, including car maintenance and repair. The video above shows a concept of what BMW calls “Augmented Reality” glasses, which show the wearer exactly how to work on a car.

The glasses scan the outward view of the mechanic wearing them and can then communicate what exactly needs to be done. Using color displays and a voice-over, the glasses can show which parts need to be removed or replaced and exactly how to move them. It will even locate the screws and let you know which way a part has to be turned to properly remove it.

The folks at Popular Science suggest that this could some day replace the need for mechanics, or at least allow regular folks to perform more simple procedures like changing the oil.

We can’t help but wonder if this technology could some day have motorsports applications, including helping amateur drivers learn a race track.

[Source: Popular Science]

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Susan Kuypers says:

Is BMW selling these glasses now? Are they available to anyone? Do you know what they cost? Do you know who partnered with BMW to make these?

Thank you.