Report: Consumer Reports Survey Shows 81% Of Consumers Considering Buying Domestic

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, the overwhelming majority of car shoppers are considering a domestic vehicle as their next purchase. Results of the “Auto Pulse” survey indicate that 81 percent of respondents looking at a new car are considering buying American. That number is significantly higher than the numbers for Asian imports (47 percent) and European imports (46 percent).

The increase in consumer confidence in domestic automakers is not shared equally between the brands, however, with Chrysler suffering significantly. Ford gained 17 percentage points compared to a year ago, while General Motors was u six points. Chrysler dropped significantly, by 25 points.

The survey also explores what consumers see as the most important factors in buying a car and these results contained some surprises. While price topped the list, amongst active new car buyers it listed fourth, below fuel-economy, quality and safety.

[Source: Reuters]

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