Report: Heffner Performance Builds 1,110-HP Lamborghini Murciélago

Heffner Performance, well-known for tuning everything from Vipers, to Lamborghini Gallardos to Ford GTs, has just completed its first twin-turbocharged Murcielago.

Total engine output when strapped on the dyno was measured at 1,100 hp at the rear wheels.

For a car with this much power the 0-60 mph time isn’t all that important and with grip being such a big issue, it might not be all that impressive either. Instead, Heffner decided to measure the speed at which the car can accelerate from 60 mph to 130 mph. The current car hasn’t been tested with the 1,00-hp total, but when it had “just” 950 hp, it managed a 5.1 second time. To put that in to perspective, a stock Murciélago takes 9.5 seconds to reach 130mph from 60 mph.

Heffner’s Murciélago TT is currently undergoing testing with full results available soon. See after the jump for two videos of the car in action. The first is on the dyno and the second is of an acceleration run on a closed track – it just looks like a stretch of highway in Florida… right guys?

GALLERY: Heffner Performance 1,110-hp Lamborghini Murciélago


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