Report: Mercedes Bringing S-Class Plug-In Hybrid Concept to Frankfurt

Mercedes will debut a plug-in hybrid version of the S-Class at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. The car, apparently labeled the Vision S500 PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle), will be powered by a V6 gasoline engine, connected to an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack. The uber-saloon will be able to travel up to 18.6 miles (30 km) on pure electric power before the gasoline engine kicks in to recharge the batteries.

Mercedes claims the car should get roughly 73.5 mpg (3.2L/100km).

While fuel-efficient, the car is also reported to be a performer, with a 0-62 mph time of 5.5 seconds.

“The Vision S 500 HYBRID is a new milestone on our path toward zero-emission mobility,” said Mercedes CEO Dr. Dieter Zetsche. It is a luxurious and safe S-Class vehicle that offers superior driving performance while at the same time consuming less fuel than current compacts. All of this shows that our top models will also be able to combine automotive fascination with responsibility for the environment.”

We’ll be sure to bring you more on the Vision S500, with live coverage from the Frankfurt Auto Show starting September 15th.



[Source: WorldCarFans]

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