Report: Modified Priuses a Sign That Japanese Tuners Going Green

As the shift to environmentally-friendly vehicles continues, the aftermarket has begun to recognize this emerging market and begin catering to owners. Nowhere is this more evident than on the Toyota Prius’s home turf, Japan.

On his blog, Japanese tuning industry insider Ben Shaffer (owner of parts importer and tuning houses Bulletproof Automotive and Bespoke Ventures) is increasing awareness of this trend, while also lamenting it. Several well-known Japanese tuners have already taken to modifying both the Prius and Honda’s Insight, with both ASI and Tommy Kaira having recently released tuning packages for the former.

While a strong believer in environmentally responsible transportation, and in making those sorts of cars look cooler or even perform better, Shaffer indicates that according to his sources this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon will be half hybrids – with modified Nissan GT-Rs making up the rest of the show.

“I understand Eco is the future for the masses, but can we keep our sports cars too,” says Shaffer. “I thought the point was to have a sports car for the weekends and a Prius to daily drive. Lets keep it that way, keep the R&D coming on sports car tuning parts too please!”

Either way, it looks like hybrid tuning is here to stay and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on some of the new modification options from the Tokyo Auto Salon.

GALLERY: Tommy Kaira and ASI Tuned Priuses


[Source: BespokeVentures]