Report: Porsche Panamera Platform to Live On As Future Audi, Bentley or Bugatti Model

The incredible Porsche Panamera platform will, as expected, live on, even if Volkswagen goes through with its plans to cancel the model after its initial production run. The Panamera is currently slated to run until 2016.

According to a report on Inside Line, the platform will be shared with other brands in the VW umbrella. That group could includes Audi, Bentley and Bugatti. The only premium brand that has been ruled out so far is Lamborghini, which could presumably use the Panamera to built a production version of the Estoque concept.

Considering the Panamera’s relatively small size and its sporting nature, it seems unlikely that Bentley could make use of the vehicle. The same goes for Bugatti. Out bets hedge on a high-powered Audi sedan, a possible A7 or even A9 sportback…

[Source: InsideLine]

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