Report: Acura NSX Gets Forced Retirement From Japan's Super GT Series

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Honda has just announced that due to a rule change for the 2010 Super GT Series, the NSX won’t be returning next year. The rules strictly state that all GT500 Class cars must be front-engine and rear-wheel drive. The NSX, of course, being mid-engined, does not qualify.

While the NSX hasn’t been built since 2005, the car’s racing days weren’t quite over yet, although it does appear as though the best was behind them. Still, Honda managed the Driver and Team Championships in 2007 (as well as back in 2000). In total, the NSX-GT was on pole 49 times and won 36 times.

Even this year five teams put their faith in the NSX as a winner. The list includes NSX racers from Rockstar Dome, Epson, Arta, Raybring and Keihin.

The final race for the year is at Motegi on November 7th. The car has been in the series for 13 years.

Honda says a replacement for the NSX-GT will be announced soon, although it’s really not clear what that vehicle could be.

There is also a possibility that the car will be permitted to run in the lower-level GT300 class, although changes would most certainly be required.

[Source: JonSibal]

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