Spied: Possible BMW M3 CSL Model Caught on Nürburgring

A rather unique looking M3 has been spotted on the Nürburgring and the photos seem to suggest that BMW is prepping a CSL model. BMW execs have denied a light weight and even more performance-oriented M3 is on the way, but with the recovering economy, the demand for such a car and the fact that the idea behind it fits nicely into BMW’s “efficient dynamics” philosophy, the car almost seems like a sure thing.

The spy photos, captured by the U.K.’s AutoExpress show a lower car with a new front lip spoiler and a significantly sized rear spoiler. There is also the matter of the CSL-styled wheels.

If BMW does go through with it, expect the CSL model to come with many of the upgrades fund on the previous (E46) CSL. This would include items like a carbon fiber hood and front bumper, a lighter exhaust, stiffer springs and roll bars and light weight racing seats. Under the hood there should also be some light-weight carbon fiber components (like the intake manifold), some new engine software and possibly a new set of cams could bump up horsepower even higher.

See all the photos here:

BMW M3 CSL Spy Photos

[Source: AutoExpress]

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