Video: Lexus LF-A Revs Its V10 at Japanese Motorsports Expo

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

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Next week in Japan, Lexus will (after a tremendously long wait), officially unveil its new flagship supercar at the Tokyo Auto Show. To help drum up interest, the company decided to give a little demonstration of the Nürburgring race version of the car, to show just what it is capable of. Or, more importantly, what it sounds like.

And it sounds gooooood!

In a parking lot at a Japanese motorsports expo, Lexus let the LF-A race car loose to rev its engine, do donuts and burnouts. Little is known for sure about the car other than the fact that it will have a V10 engine of around 5.0-liters with 550hp and a top speed o over 200 mph.

Some rumors have suggested it has a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, while others have said it will be offered in exremely limited numbers at a price of almost half a million dollars.

Either way, we can’t wait!

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