Report: Sadly, BMW Confirms M3 GTS Not Headed to U.S.

Report: Sadly, BMW Confirms M3 GTS Not Headed to U.S.

The news that BMW will not bring its light-weight, high-powered M3 GTS to North America is both expected and disappointing. As with so many niche market enthusiast vehicles before it, the GTS will remain strictly in the racing-glove covered hands of Europeans as they triumph over apexes and braking zones at their local race track, blissfully ignorant of just how lucky they are.

Announced last week, the M3 GTS weighs just 3,300 lbs, with a carbon fiber center console and door linings, a titanium exhaust system, reduced insulation and the absence of any rear seats, air conditioning or an audio system. Under the hood, the 4.0-liter V8 gets an increase in displacement to 4.4-liters and a bump in power to 450-hp – up from 416. The seven-speed dual clutch transmission also gets more aggressive settings for quicker shifting.  Other race-ready components include six-piston front calipers and four-piston rear calipers with a more performance oriented DSC setup and a set of 19-inch M aluminum rims. Outside, there’s a new carbon fiber front splitter and adjustable rear spoiler, while inside, along with the carbon fiber goodies, there’s plenty of Alcantara and an M sport steering wheel.

BMW hasn’t given an official reason for the decision, but with a cost of 115,000 Euros ($172,000), in Germany, it’s easy to see why a business case for the car would be hard to make.

Still, we’re confident a few will find their way stateside thanks to the gray market.



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