SEMA 2009: Is the Focus RS Here to Tease Us, or Gauge Interest?


No, this isn’t a modified show car built specifically for the SEMA Show. It’s a factory stock Ford. Called the Focus RS, Ford offers this scalding hot hatch in Europe but has continually denied plans to offer the car in the U.S. But then why would Ford display the car at its booth at the SEMA Show? Are they teasing us, or trying to drum up interest to see if they can in fact sell the car in the U.S.?

We hope it’s the latter.

The front-drive Focus RS makes even cars like the MazdaSpeed3 look like toys, with a turbocharged 5-cylinder engine that makes 295-hp and 305 ft-lbs of torque. There’s also an impressive suspension setup, along with the obvious rally-inspired aerodynamics and a seriously sporty interior.

Again, Ford has continuously denied bringing a car like this to the U.S., but the last time we heard a denial, the worldwide economy was crumbling. Now that the recovery is well under way and Ford seems to be emerging as a bigger player on the automotive scene, perhaps it’s time they revisited the possibility.

GALLERY: Ford Focus RS



ruel24 says:

Please….please…PLEASE! Bring this car to the US! I should be ready to trade in my Mazda 3 in just about another year… :o)

stephen says:

im with you man, ive been in love with this car since i saw it a year ago, ive just been crossing my fingers that they bring it here. im in the market for a new car and i would buy this in a heartbeat! FORD LISTEN UP!