SEMA 2009: Underground Racing Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Gets Respect


The Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo has it all. On display at the Mobil 1 booth, the Italian exotic not only sports a matte-black paint job, but it’s what’s under the glass engine cover out back that will really get your attention.

There you will find what Underground Racing has become famous for, a twin-turbo kit. The North Carolina tuner builds each twin-turbo application specifically to the needs wants of the customer, with output ranging from 1,000-hp to 1,500-hp. And don’t think it’s as simple as two big turbos and some shiny metal piping either, the team at UR will tear down and rebuild an engine to ensure maximum performance and longevity, with new cylinder heads, CP Race Pistons, Carrillo billet con rods and lots of other hard core parts.

The result, claims UR, is a 0-60 mph time of just 2.5 seconds, with a quarter mile pass taking just 9.1 seconds at 169 mph! The company also claims a speed of 241 mph in a mile, with a top speed of 257 mph.

Not only was the UR matte-black twin-turbo Gallardo getting respect with a huge draw at the Mobil 1 booth, but according to Jesse Poole at Mobil 1’s PR agency Theory PR, the car was also nominated in the Gran Turismo awards, where the Best of Show car gets digitized and immortalized in an upcoming Gran Turismo video game.

GALLERY: Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo


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