LA Preview: A First Look at Ford's U.S.-Spec Fiesta

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Just a day before Ford will officially take the wraps off the U.S.-Spec version of the new Fiesta, a few CGI images of the car have shown up on the automaker’s website. Along with the hatchback version we also get our first look at the sedan, which was built specifically for the North American market. We’ll wait to see the car in person before passing judgment but so far it seems like the Euro-spec model’s more progressive style has been toned down a bit, with more soft round corners and less sporty edges. At least that’s the way the front of the car looks. Most other angles seem pretty much identical.

As for the sedan, considering i’ts pretty much an all-new design, it seems to have turned out nicely. The metal badging on the front does seem a bit busy though.

Let’s just hope it’s as dynamic a car to drive as the European version.

Take a gander through the photo galleries and tell us what you think.

AutoGuide will bring you all the details on Ford’s new sub-compact (tomorrow) Wednesday, December 2nd.

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