Leaked: Facelifted 2011 C-Class Photos Show Slight Tweaks to Baby Benz's Style

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

A series of photos showing what appears to be the facelifted 2011 version of Mercedes’s C-Class have appeared on the internet after the company’s U.K. division updated its website and accidentally included the new 2011 model photos. We’re happy to report that the changes are minimal as we rather like the look of the new C-Class already.

The updates include a new front bumper and hood as well as new headlights. Similar changes can be found out back with a slightly revised rear bumper and taillights.

All we have to go on here are the photos as no info about the 2011 model has been leaked. We expect only minor changes for 2011. There is word on a new BluTec diesel engine and we are looking forward to Mercedes finally bringing its direct-injection engines to this side of the Atlantic soon.

Sales of the new 2011 model are expected around the middle of 2010.

GALLERY: 2011 Mercedes C-Class

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