Rumor Mill: New Lagonda Concept Pics Hint That Aston Martin Hasn't Shelved Idea of Resurrecting Brand

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

With the release of a new selection of photos of its much-maligned Lagonda Concept, Aston Martin seems to be re-testing the waters to see if there is interest in a luxury SUV, marketed under the slightly more affordable Lagonda brand. The vehicle was first shown at the Geneva Auto Show last March and was not well received.

With the recession now on its way out and a new era of lavish spending around the corner (Aston hopes), it has decided to revisit the concept once again to see if moods have changed. No doubt, some will now be more favorable and we can certainly see there being some demand for the Mercedes GL-based SUV. But will such limited demand be enough?

According to a report on egmCarTech, Aston’s design team has been tasked with creating another concept to debut at an upcoming auto show. Perhaps this time we’ll get some sort of 5 Series GT sportback concept aimed at an expanding market segment, rather than an SUV in a segment that continues to shrink.

Aston Martin has said it intends to bring a production Lagonda model to market by 2012.

GALLERY: Aston Martin Lagonda Concept

[Source: eGMCarTech]

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