Mugen CR-Z Accessories Officially Announced

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

Famed Honda tuner Mugen has just released a full line of aesthetic and “performance” accessories for the new CR-Z. While in stock form the CR-Z doesn’t seem overly sporty with just 122-hp, Mugen is hoping to improve on that with a new stainless steel exhaust system which will be good for maybe a pony or two. New brake pads are also offered, as well as a completely new suspension. Also helping in the handling department are two new wheel designs in several finishes, which will no doubt be larger and lighter than the stock rollers with the ability to handle some slightly wider and lower profile tires.

As for the Mugen dress-up parts, they really give the CR-Z an aggressive side, although we’re not quite sure about the LED bumper insert. Oh, and that rear spoiler seems a bit much too. We do, however, particularly like the triangle-shaped exhaust finisher.

Other accessories include a Mugen shift knob (already being copied and sold on eBay, no doubt), as well as Mugen floor mats and a three-gauge cluster.

Have a look at the full gallery below and download your Mugen CR-Z wallaper here.


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