Report: Mazda Adding Brake Override Systems to All Future Models

Mazda will reportedly add a brake override system to all of its future products. According to an article by Automotive News, Mazda will make the step towards added safety on the heels of Toyota’s recall woes and that automaker’s decision to begin installing a brake override system in all of its new models.

The system will work by giving priority to the brake when both the gas and brake are pressed. Nissan already uses such a system in most of its vehicles.

A spokesman for Mazda said he isn’t aware of any issues of unintended acceleration or sticking gas pedals with its vehicles, but is taking the move to be proactive and avoid any unwanted bad publicity – a burden a smaller automaker like Mazda might not be able to shoulder so easily. The estimated cost of the system will be $50, which is likely to be built into the price of future Mazda models.

It is not clear if this new system will debut in the new Mazda2 model due out later this year, or if it will start on all new models to follow.

[Source: Automotive News via Autoblog]

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