Rumors: Infiniti DX Crossover Planned on Upcoming Mercedes B-Class Platform

According to a report by French auto-pub L’Automobile, the recent partnership between Daimler and Nissan parent company Renault could result in a new entry-level crossover for the Infiniti luxury brand. So far both automakers have only said that a new architecture will be used to build the next-gen Renault Twingo, Mercedes A-Class and B-Class, as well as a new four-door Smart model. L’Automobile suggests, however, that a new CUV could be built on this same setup, slotting in underneath the current EX. Likely called the DX, it would compete against the BMX X1 and Auid Q3.

As much of a stretch as this sounds, it’s not unrealistic. Such a small crossover might not be feasible for the North American market, and it might not ever be sold here. While BMW is planning to bring the X1 to our shores, Audi has repeatedly said the upcoming Q3 won’t be offered in the U.S.

Wed argue that the biggest strike against the possibility of a Mercedes-sourced Infiniti DX is the new Nissan Juke, which already sports a high-tech engine and advanced AWD system and could surely be adapted to the Infiniti brand and sold in Europe.

[Source: L’Automobile]