Volk TE37 Super Lap Announced as Even Lighter Version of Iconic Wheel


With literally tens of thousands of wheel designs on the market, there are only a select few that rise above the rest. Rays Engineering’s Volk Racing TE37 is just such a wheel. The simple six-spoke lightweight design has been seen outfitted on vehicles from 1988 Honda CR-Xs to 2010 BMW E92 M3s.

But now Rays Engineering has found a way to make one of the world’s best wheels even better. Forget the adage of, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” because clearly the TE37 wasn’t broken and didn’t need fixing. Nonetheless, the new Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap (SL) sports a fancy gunmetal finish and is done in what Rays Engineering is calling “Mold Form Forged.” In layman’s terms though that just means the TE37 SL is even lighter than the TE37 we’ve been feasting our eyes on for the last decade and change. Mackin Industries, U.S. importers for Volk Racing, reports that the TE37 SL is geared and targeted towards track use, with the majority of the applications being at least one pound lighter than its TE37 counterpart.

Current sizing is available in 17×7.5, 17×8.5, 17×9, 17×9.5, 18×9.5, 18×10, 18×10.5 and 18×11 with a variety of offsets for each size. Another timeless classic mildly refreshed for the future; we’re sure to see Volk Racing’s TE37 around for many more years to come.

GALLERY: Volk Racing TE37 Super Lap