Fiesta Ad Shows You How To Survive Zombie Attack, Without Awesome Weaponry (Video Inside)

Anyone who grew up playing the Resident Evil games on Playstation knows that the best way to stop a zombie attack is with a large caliber firearm. For those who believe in non-violent resistance, Ford‘s new Fiesta commercial will show you away to make a clean getaway using features like the Fiesta’s keyless entry and push button starter. Jonathan, the ad’s protagonist, is able to escape a certain death at the hands of the undead, but his Yaris and Fit driving friends are not so lucky.

Rather than the typical “car porn” commercial favored by automakers, the Fiesta ad is shot in an informal, conversational style, almost like a Jackass stunt, but with much higher production values. Ford has already made huge strides with the Fiesta’s online social media campaign, with company executives claiming that 60% of the car buying public are aware of the vehicle already.

Hit the jump to see the ad for yourself.

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[Source: Detroit News]