Saab in Talks With Other Automakers Over 9-2 Technology says CEO

Rumors have floated around about Saab‘s planned 9-2 MINI competitor, but now company CEO Victor Muller has confirmed the Swedish automaker is in talks with other manufacturers about the project. Muller told Bloomberg that Saab is looking to work with another automaker over technology to develop a new small car platform for the 9-2.

It’s not yet clear if Saab will simply purchase an existing platform from another automaker or if it intends to work together to co-develop a platform with a company that also has aspirations of taking on models like the MINI and Audi A1.

Muller has commented in the past that he is excited about brining a new entry-level model to the Saab brand that would draw inspiration from the original Saab, the 92. It would even take design cues from the original, including its teardrop shape.

[Source: AutoCar]

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