Ford To Reveal New Explorer On Facebook


In an all-new approach to vehicle launching, Ford is choosing to reveal their hotly anticipated Explorer on Facebook, rather than at a traditional public launch. Ford has already shown a few teaser shots of the car on the popular social networking site, but nothing substantial has been leaked- expect a full reveal next month.

Unveiling a car on a social networking site is a new direction for a vehicle launch, but Ford has already used social media tools to help build buzz for new products. The Fiesta Movement, an online social media campaign designed to build buzz for their new subcompact, was launched over a year in advance of the vehicle’s on-sale date, and was wildly successful among young buyers who were previously unaware of Ford products.

With the move to a car-based Explorer possibly alienating longtime fans of the truck-based SUV, perhaps Ford is hoping to go after  a new segment that wants a less rugged, more “lifestyle” oriented SUV.

[Source: USA Today]