Hyundai Veloster to Hit 40-MPG, Top Honda CR-Z Fuel Economy Without Hybrid Setup


Hyundai is aiming to achieve an EPA rating of more than 40-mpg with its new Veloster model. The stubby hatchback has already been likened to the Honda CRX of old by Hyundai Motor America president John Krafcik, and now it seems Hyundai is planning to really steal Honda’s thunder, by besting the Japanese automaker’s reborn CRX, the CR-Z. That model, despite using a hybrid drivetrain, gets 36/39-mpg city/highway with a CVT, or a slightly lower 31/37-mpg with a 6-speed manual.

Better yet, Hyundai’s non-hybrid system, (believed to be a 140-hp, direct-injection 1.6-liter 4-cylinder), will keep both weight and cost to a minimum by keeping a heavy and expensive hybrid system out of the picture.

Krafcik has also let slip more details about the Veloster, including the fact that all models will come with a large in-dash screen – likely to show trip info and to manage things like iPods, etc.

[Source: Autoblog]