Lexus Launches F-Sport Registry

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler

Lexus has just launched a vehicle registry for the F-Sport product lineup, allowing owners to plot their locations on a map, and see where other F-Sport owners are hanging out.

The registry is open to owners of the IS-F, LS460 Sports, vehicles with F-Sport accessories and the LFA supercar. As of now, there are allegedly three LFA owners on the registry, but we suspect that anyone who actually owns this car wouldn’t register their public location, and would instead hang out with a super elite group of people in locations that are off limits to us common folk.

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[Source: ClubLexus]

June 1, 2010 – Torrance, CA – Are you a Lexus owner? Lexus has recently rolled out an official registry for all F-Sport owners. Whether you are an LFA, ISF, F-Sport Parts or LS460 Sport owner, you are able to make your mark on this global registry.

As a registrant, you will be able to setup your own profile to share with other fellow Lexus owners and enthusiasts. You can check out where they live and see what type of Lexus F and mods they have added to their collection. You can also register your club affiliations proudly including Club Lexus! It’s a great way to network and share ideas with fellow Lexus owners around the world, and most importantly it is free to register. So what are you waiting for? Register now! Here is some info below, including the link to register your Lexus F!


Welcome to the worldwide database of exhilarating Lexus performance vehicles. Here, you can register your LFA, IS F and LS 460 Sport, as well as any Lexus equipped with F Sport TM [1] [2] or aftermarket performance equipment. You can also check out other Lexus performance vehicles around the world, filtering by model or enthusiast site where they were registered.

Derek Kreindler
Derek Kreindler

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    Lexus IS F Sport. Not only a super car but technological leap on technology. The service at Newport Beach Ca. the worst. The will not take care of their customer once they get paid for the car. Mercedes, BMW is a different class of service.