Mercedes-Benz G-Class To Get Facelift For 2011

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
mercedes benz g class to get facelift for 2011

After 31 years, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a veteran of the auto world, serving in everything from armed conflicts, R&B videos and school-run duty. The G-Class is a great money maker for the 3-pointed star; the chassis and tooling was paid off long ago, and now the truck is a profit generator for the brand.

Better yet, the truck is still a popular vehicle with fickle, upscale consumers. To stay that way, minor, incremental changes are necessary to make sure that they feel like they’re driving an “old model”, embarrassing them sufficiently into buying the newer, slightly improved version.

Much like the Porsche 911, the G-Class is changed incrementally, and the all new 2011 version is no different. The biggest changes are compliance with Euro 5 emissions, and a new twin-turbo V8 for the G550. Pricing hasn’t been announced, but expect it to be perversely expensive for what is essentially a fancied-up military truck.

[Source: Top Speed]

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