The Ultimate Euro Vacation: Audi's R8 LMS Experience

Dave Pratte
by Dave Pratte

If you’re planning on buying an Audi R8 and wondering about factory delivery options in Germany, the Audi R8 LMS Experience can offer you a lot more than a factory tour, a cup of coffee and a road map.

As part of the Audi Driving Experience now available to U.S. customers, you can access the full racing experience through one of five different programs that include driving instruction in your own R8 as well as seat time in an R8 LMS racecar and instruction from Audi’s Le Mans winning race driver lineup. Want to see how much taller (and slower) you are compared to Allan McNish? Here’s your chance, but you’ll need a passport.

First stop is the individual training, with the only requirement being some prior race track experience. The training takes place at Groß Dölln in Germany is the spot where you’ll first discover the wonders of the Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro and the Audi R8 LMS pictured above.

If you already have a racing license, you can also experience the Audi R8 LMS in an exclusive training course with only four participants, each with their own Audi R8 5.2 FSI quattro, and two instructors to prepare you for the Audi R8 LMS experience on the Eurospeedway Lausitz. Dies ist gut!

If you don’t have a race license yet but would like to acquire one, there’s also the option to qualify for a pro license. Again using the R8 LMS, German participants who pass the training course can apply to the German Motor Sports Federation (DMSB) for a German National A License. Non-German participants need to make arrangements with the national race licensing federation from their own country in order to secure accreditation from Audi R8 training course, but the extra effort is well worthwhile if you’re looking for the most unique way possible to qualify for a pro license.

The Audi Driving Experience doesn’t have to end there either. Packages exist for intensive race driver training in the R8 LMS and there’s even the opportunity to drive an R8 LMS with the Audi works team Joest-Racing, where you’ll take part in a race as a driver in a VLN Endurance Championship event on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. However, to participate in a VLN race at the Ring Audi does require you have adequate knowledge of the Nordschleife and we’re guessing Xbox360 Forza2 laps won’t count.

All in all, Audi has certainly offered buyers of their awesome R8 a wide range of options as a part of their Driving Experience program. Once we’ve saved enough for an R8 of our own (in 2019), we’ll let you know how the program is firsthand.


Dave Pratte
Dave Pratte

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