Tommy Kaira Shows Off LED Nissan GT-R Emblems

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

What will those kooky tuners think of next? Tommy Kaira, a leading manufacturer of very fine JDM goodies, has been perfecting its Nissan GT-R LED emblem since their preview at Tokyo Auto Salon 2010. They’ve also took the liberty to announce more LED-equipped goodies from rear side markers, door sills and front winkers. LED is all the craze now on vehicles, so it’s nice to see Tommy Kaira jumping on and offering accessories in LED form.

Prepare to pay though if these products are catching your eye. Tommy Kaira is hardly known for offering bargain-bin priced products. The rear LED emblem is around $625.00 while a pair of LED rear side markers are $395.00 for clear, $440.00 for smoked. Still have a few bucks in your wallet? Well the front winkers are $475.00 and the front LED emblem is also $625.00. Just dying to have those LED door sill plates? Get ready to drop $1195.00.

Clearly these LED products are luxury accessories for any fast and furious GT-R owner, but for those wanting every little possible mod for their monster of a sports car, well here it is.

[Source: GTR Blog]

GALLERY: Tommy Kaira Nissan GT-R LEDs

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