Alfa Romeo Kamal SUV Spied – Just Kidding

There’s been some buzz brewing on Alfa Romeo’s return to the North American market with an SUV and convertible entry, with their SUV targeting the BMW X3 and Audi Q5 market. But this is probably the last thing we expected when we finally set eyes on an SUV with Alfa Romeo branding. Spotted at Alfa Romeo’s 100-year anniversary was an SUV sporting Kamal on the hood and BMW X1 styling… no wait, it’s just a BMW X1 rebadged. As for the Kamal letting, you may remember that that was the name given to an Alfa SUV concept, shown at the Geneva Auto Show a few years back.

So what exactly is going on? We’re not quite sure, but this is most definitely just a BMW X1 with some Alfa Romeo styling and design signatures tacked on. In fact if we didn’t know any better we would just think it was an uncreative Photoshop job.

The (now new) rumors are that Chrysler will be manufacturing Alfa Romeo’s smaller SUV and importing it into European markets starting in 2012. A larger SUV, based on the Jeep Liberty, is planned for 2014. So now we’re going to have to assume that we’ll be seeing rebadged Chrysler SUVs under the Alfa Romeo brand.

[Source: The Truth About Cars]

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