CGS Performance Products Building Wild Chevy Camaro for SEMA

It’s that time of the year again, when car’s are handed out like candy bars to select companies and builders for the 2010 SEMA Show. Last year Chevrolet made a huge splash with a massive display of Camaros, having a diverse variety of builders designing and creating their own unique creations. And this year it looks like Chevy isn’t stopping, with some Camaro build previews already being released for SEMA.

First on our list is intake and exhaust manufacturer CGS Performance Products. Having done several Fords and GMs in years past, CGS is no stranger to building beautiful, high quality show cars. This Camaro however will be sticking to its true roots with a custom paint job, ACS body kit and a ZR1-influenced hood. From CGS themselves will be custom handmade chrome moldings and their signature exhaust system, while Whipple Industries will be supplying their twin-screw supercharger in order to pump out 500-hp.

A rendering of the Camaro show car has some serious hot rod-influenced, with a staggered set of 22- and 24-inch Genuine Boyd wheels. The rear rollers will be a ridiculous 15-inches wide wheel with Pirelli’s all new 405/25/24 tire – that’s a lot of rubber! CGS claims they’ll be stuffing these without any fender modifications, but merely by swapping out the rear suspension with Chris Alston’s Fab 9 rear end with a latter bar and coil over suspension. We are definitely curious on the finished product and will be sure to report back, with extensive SEMA coverage when the show takes place in early November.

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