Dads Will Look Cool Driving Dodge's New "Man Van" Minivan

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic

It’s hard to be cool… especially if you’re a parent. And if you’re driving a minivan, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Automakers are trying to help dads win the popularity contest, and Dodge its the latest to try out its version of cool with the new Grand Caravan.

Trying to make this model more manly, Dodge wants to change the way dads see minivans. The “man van” version of the Grand Caravan is expected to make an appearance at dealerships in the near future and will be available for orders within the next few months.

So how will the man van appeal to men? To start, it will be designed with a sportier looking front end, and will be finished off with a black-and-gray interior trimmed with hot-colored stitching on the seats and steering wheel. But will this be enough to distinguish these cool dads from their soccer mom counterparts?

Minivans have had a hard go in the popularity contest lately. The U.S. sales of minivans have been falling, hitting 424,007 minivans last year, down more than 50% compared with 2005 levels, according to Autodata Corp. data.

The man van is expected to inject some excitement into the Dodge portfolio, and is based on the Caravan R/T that was shown at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show.

[Source: Top Speed]

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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  • Chad Chad on Jul 05, 2010

    Nope, sorry, still not cool. No man behind the wheel of a minivan could begin to consider thinking they look cool in those family haulers.

  • Paul Paul on Jan 10, 2011

    Put a HEMI in one - and then call us!!!