Dinan-Stroked BMW M5 Found for Sale at 'Bargain' Price

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

We don’t normally post up eBay finds or other used cars for sale, but we’ll make an exception for this Dinan M5. As impressive as you might think the 500-hp BMW M5 is, the Dinan version takes it to an all new level with an expertly engineered stroker kit that pumps the 5.0-liter V10 up to 5.7-liters. Plus, the full S3 Dinan package also adds new throttle bodies, carbon fiber air intakes, custom exhaust manifolds, software and numerous other go-fast goodies. In total, the new engine makes 640-hp of glorious goodness from a high revving V10 engine.

The owner of this particular model also tossed on lots of aftermarket goodies from AC Schnitzer, Vorsteiner and Hamann, not to mention some nice 21-inch HRE wheels. Plus, there’s a complete Dinan suspension package that virtually eliminates understeer. (We’ve driven a Dinan S3-M5, it’s almost unbelievably good).

The owner claims just 9,288 miles on the odo, 6,000 of which are since the stroker motor went in.

Now here’s the best part. Rather than asking some ridiculous price, like the $160,000 the owner has invested in this car, he’s asking a very reasonable $98,420. Why that number? Well, he claims that was the sticker price on the car when he bought it. So you’re basically paying for an M5, and getting all the Dinan parts for free. And if Dinan is known for anything, it’s for making incredibly fast and reliable cars – that are also extremely expensive.

What’s his reason for selling? Well, according to his post on Luxury4Play, he’ll be picking up a shiny new Ferrari F430 Scuderia, that he’s sending off to underground racing for a twin-turbo setup.

Some guys have all the fun….

Check out pics of the car below and hit the link to get more details.

GALLERY: Dinan Stroked BMW M5

[Source: Luxury4Play]

Plus, see after the jump for a video of a 5.7-liter Dinan M6

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