Eric Clapton Demands V12 Powered 458 Italia, Gets His Request Fulfilled

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
eric clapton demands v12 powered 458 italia gets his request fulfilled

Even amongst the highest echelons of supercars, there are two kinds of buyers. Those who grovel and plead for a spot on the waiting list for a new Ferrari, Lamborghini or “off the rack” supercar (and often end up paying significant premiums for the privilege of buying one first).

Then there is the second segment, the uber-wealthy, loyal customers who tell Ferrari what they want, and expect it delivered to them. The most famous, the Sultan of Brunei, gets to design his own cars, which are then built by Ferrari. Others, like Eric Clapton, just want an engine swap.

According to Clapton, the 458 Italia has everything he desires in a car, except for the exhaust note. For Clapton, no V8 will do,. “I love the sound of Ferraris and I, as a musician, can confirm that these engines deliver proper music,” said Clapton. “I have to say that my weak point is the 12-cylinders’ music.”

Reports say that Clapton is having a one-off 458 Italia built with a 6.0L V12 from the 599 Fiorano, and hopefully he’ll let some lucky journalist test drive it…

[Source: Ferrari]

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