Euro Hot Rod is Distinctly American With Cadillac CTS-V Power

For many people, the term Euro and hot rod blend together like oil and water (insert BP joke here). But this great symbol of automotive Americana does have a sizable following across the pond and in perhaps the most unlikely of  places. When we think of Sweden, images of snow, pine trees, good looking people and Saabs or Volvos often come to mind. But the land that brought us ABBA and Ace of Base is home to a thriving American hot rod car culture.

Sweden hosts one of the largest American car shows in the world – The Power Big Meet in Vasteras – and some of the nicest ’50s cruisers and hot rods you’ll find are based there. Vizualtech, a design company that specializes in creating technical illustrations, concepts and packaging design on everything from boats, to cars to forestry machines, for organizations as diverse as car companies and advertising/PR firms, has recently revealed this: a custom hot rod concept with some very ‘classic’ touches. Note the 34 style Ford grille, traditional Indy car wheel spinners and ’50s type greenhouse with wraparound front windshield.

But while it may look old school, this rod is conceived to be thoroughly modern in execution with a long wheelbase for greater stability and state-of-the-art suspension and steering. Power on this concept rod will come from a 6.2-liter 556-hp supercharged small block GM V8 as found in the Caddy CTS-V, allowing it to likely blow the doors off most things with wheels. You have to hand it to those Swedes for coming up with something like this – we’ll never look at a Volvo the same way again. For more information on this and other Vizualtech products, click on the link below.

GALLERY: Vizualtech Cadillac CTS-V Powered Hot Rod


[Source: Vizualtech]

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