Fox Marketing to Transform CT200h, LS600h Into Turbocharged Show Cars

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood
fox marketing to transform ct200h ls600h into turbocharged show cars

There are a few names in the aftermarket industry known for building impressive show vehicles and one of the best-known is Fox Marketing. With a long-standing partnership with Lexus that has seen Fox Marketing develop two IS models for the SEMA Show over the past two years, we took company founder Brian Fox seriously when he announced plans on Facebook to build a custom CT200h and LS600h.

Fox has been partnering with Lexus since they first decided to showcase their cars at SEMA, helping the brand develop more appeal with a younger demographic. Lexus, in turn, did its part by delivering an F Sport line of performance goodies.

In a followup email with Brian Fox he confirmed that his company will build both models, starting with a twin-turbo LS600h – likely for this year’s SEMA Show. As for the CT200h (which we have to admit we’re more excited for), Fox is planning to roll out a turbocharged and widebody version of the luxury hatchback for next year’s New York Auto Show. Fox says he intends to take his time with the CT, so he can, ” really kill it with this car.”

And if we know anything about Fox Marketing, expect some big wheels, custom interior and a brilliant paint job.

GALLERY: Fox Marketing IS350C

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