Heico Teases Naughty Volvo S60 Mods

Heico Teases Naughty Volvo S60 Mods

Volvo isn’t exactly at the top of every car builder’s wish list. But over the years we’ve seen some custom Volvos that truly impressed us. In a world full of predictable tuned imports and luxury cars, spotting a lowered Volvo with a killer set of wheels and clean body kit makes you think twice about the brand that has a reputation for safety and, consequently, for being boring. Take the Polestar Performance C30 concept for instance.

But Volvo’s marketing department is trying hard to change their reputation, branding the new 2011 S60 as a naughty sedan. And while we can’t quite judge just how naughty the S60 is yet, we are digging its unique outside styling that blends traditional Volvo with new-age sporty.

Heico is one of the premier tuners of Volvo automobiles and has a great S40 tuning package available. They’ve recently released renderings of what their S60 package will look like and we’re loving it. They specify that they currently are working on some light engine mods to bump horsepower output from the factory 300-hp to 325-hp not to mention a full body kit and suspension mods.

We’re left with illustrations for the time being, but we’re excited (as weird as that sounds) to see the finished product from Heico.

GALLERY: Heico Volvo S60

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