Rieger Tuning Audi A4 Surfaces in Japan

Audi has been doing a fantastic job pushing rival competitor BMW’s buttons. Their newest generation A4/A5 is a perfect contender to BMW’s 3-series and arguably has much more attractive body lines. Both the A4 and A5 as much more aggressive in nature than the subdued BMW E90/E92/E93. But one thing Audi definitely doesn’t have yet is the overwhelming aftermarket support and fans that BMW has. Just a look at the tens of thousands of enthusiasts that show up to Bimmerfest proves that BMW customizing still has a few steps on Audi.

The A4 and A5 however is helping change that. With its more aggressive profile, the aftermarket has embraced it with fantastic support. Rieger Tuning is not a new entrant to the game. For years they have developed stylish body options for all major European vehicles but at most well known for their Volkswagen offerings. They were actually one of the first on the block with a kit for the new Audi A4 / A5.

So let’s take a look at this Rieger Tuning A4 and what all has been done. Starting with a sedan platform is obviously a more difficult task in making it look sportier and more aggressive. But Rieger Tuning’s subtle and simple add-ons do the job perfectly. The entire kit is constructed from ABS with a front lip spoiler and splitter, side skirts, roof spoiler, trunk spoiler and rear diffuser. Oddly enough though, Rieger’s body kit for the Audi A4 utilizes faux carbon fiber rather than real carbon fiber. We guess in this economy even some companies need to penny pinch to attract the public.

This A4 also sports Rieger’s rear muffler, a set of 20-inch Hyper Forged HF27S wheels and a big brake upgrade from Brembo. What’s best of this entire project is the fact that it’s out in Japan and it’s right hand drive. We’re suckers for the Japanese tuning Euros – there’s a nice clean style that they add to it all.

GALLERY: Rieger Tuning Audi B8 A4

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[Source: Jon Sibal]