Saab 91 Rendered by Facebook Group; Designed to Spark Production Model

Colum Wood
by Colum Wood

In an effort to convince Saab to move ahead with plans to build a new small car, a Facebook group calling itself Saab91 Support Group, has released some compelling renderings that are sure to spark discussion.

Rather than the rumored 92 badge, this group suggests the 91 – and for good reason. The name is in homage to the Saab 91 Safir plane developed by Saab. The design of the car even takes inspiration from jets and other airplanes, in keeping with Saab’s history, as well as the design language of Saab’s new parent company Spyker.

Overall the design takes a futuristic, rather than a retro, approach, with cues from the BioHybrid and AeroX. The Saab91 Support Group isn’t done yet either, with plans to unveil a rendering of the cars interior. You can even join the Facebook group to discuss the model and what sort of materials it should use.

Saab is reportedly working on a new 92 model with BMW supplying both engines as well as the current MINI platform. That being said, if it does make production, it’s sure to be a blast to drive. We just hope it looks like this.

GALLERY: Saab 91 Rendering

[Source: Saab91 Support Group via Ferrantedesign]

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