Super Veloce Racing Builds Ferrari F430 Body Kit, Gets Influence From Main Rival

Jason Siu
by Jason Siu

With Ferrari‘s 458 Italia on the horizon, one would expect to be seeing renders of F458 Italia body kits and other modifications. But as with all Ferrari models, owners tend to hold on to their famed stallions leaving room for aftermarket manufacturers to continue building on “older” generation platforms. And by no means if the F430 really an older model. Arguably it’s more pleasant on the eyes than the F458 Italia, but that’s a matter of personal preference.

Super Veloce Racing is a product line from Auto Veloce based out of Japan; and the Japanese for the most part have been doing an impressive job in customizing Italian exotics. But what’s clearly obvious on this kit is the influence from Lamborghini’s models. Some might be quick to call “bull” on putting this kit on their Ferrari, but in many ways its just a more extreme version of the front-end found on the F430 Scuderia.

We think the kit would look and flow a lot better fully painted but we’re fans of the most aggressive and race-inspired look in the rear. It’s an interesting blend of Italy’s most famous exotics and hopefully someone Stateside has the money to bring the kit over so we can check it out in person one day.

[Source: Jon Sibal]

GALLERY: Super Veloce Racing Ferrari F430

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